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MiTA Property is you Partner of Choice for Property Development, Investment & Marketing in Myanmar.  Partner with MiTA for Myanmar Property Development & Investment, as well as, buy-sale-rent-lease of any types of real estate in Myanmar: condominium, apartment, house, resort, villa, land, factory, office space, etc.


MiTA is organizing series of Investment & Trade Promotion Events in Myanmar as a part of MiTA’s business development in Myanmar.


MPI: MiTA Myanmar Property Investment, Construction Expo & Summit

MPI – 2017: 24th – 26th February 2017, YANGON:

Myanmar Property  Exhibition

Real Estate Investment Summit

Foreign Property Investment in Myanmar

Myanmar Architecture Exhibition

Furniture & Wood Exhibition

Construction & Building Material Expo




MiTA Myanmar Medical and Health Care Exhibition & Conference

MHC – 2016: 17th – 19th June 2016, YANGON:


MiTA Myanmar Agriculture and Food Exhibition & Conference

MAF – 2016: 23rd – 25th September 2016, YANGON:


MiTA Myanmar Energy and Environment Exhibition & Conference

MEE – 2016: 28th – 30th September 2016, YANGON:




MiTA Services Pte Ltd is a consulting firm incorporated in Singapore. MiTA provides consulting services across industries including:Oil and GasPowerRenewable EnergyMiningTelecommunicationInformation Technology & IT Enabled Services Real EstateInfrastructureAgricultureMedical & Health CareManufacturingSMEEnvironmental Engineering and Waste ManagementFisheries and AquacultureGarments and ApparelHandicrafts and AntiqueBanking Finance and Insurance. In Myanmar, MiTA Services (Singapore) provides services in association with MiTA Myanmar @ Investment & Strategic Business Consulting (ISBC) which is a Myanmar registered local company having office in Yangon.
Management Innovation Technology Applications
MiTA’s clients and business associates are from Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Myanmar, etc.

Oil & Gas Block Bidding in Myanmar: ISBC is now registered with Energy Planning Department (EPD) / Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), Ministry of Energy. EPD has also included ISBC’s name on its website in the list of local Myanmar companies selected to cooperate / partner with foreign companies. Please contact MiTA for consulting services in Myanmar.

MiTA Myanmar Investment Conferences & Exhibitions
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MiTA Services is committed to Green Environment, Sustainable Development and Value Creation for the Ecological Society where man coexists with nature. MiTA Services commits to use minimal papers in office work to save the trees and encourages everybody using electronic media as much as feasible. MiTA’s research, engineering design and management practice will follow green business philosophy.